Mt Eliza Cricket Club Milo Cricket & T20 Blast Information

Hello All and thanks for you interest in Milo Cricket for season 2017. On this page you will find all information for what programs we offer at Mt Eliza. We have a great bunch of Coaches who can work with any skill level, get kids involved and most importantly have fun! So Listed Below is the programs that we offer:

Milo In’2’Cricket

For those new to the cricket scene Milo In’2’Cricket is the equivalent of the AFL Auskick program aimed at Boys and Girls 4-10 years of age. Mt Eliza holds Sessions on Saturday Mornings which go for about 90mins (9.30-11am).  We work on basic cricket skills which include Batting, Bowling, Catching and Throwing. The coaches also have a couple of funs games that everyone gets to do!

How it works the coaches will pair kids up into their age groups appropriately on the day. Groups of 10-15 kids each will rotate between 5-7 different activities during the evening with everyone getting to have an equal go at each activity. We encourage Parents to go around and join in activities with the kids, from our experience from running the milo program there is nothing better for the kids than having their Parent/Guardian join in and have a go! The coaches like to keep everyone on their toes so be ready for a few surprises through out the morning.

Once a year (weather dependent) we will have Milo Cricket at the beach, this is a really fun day which the coaches and the kids look forward to, there are lots of different activities for the kids to enjoy as well as games of beach cricket.

Every year we hold a special Christmas Milo Cricket that runs during the Clubs Christmas Party. The Kids get the opportunity to participate in front of the whole club. There is great food and entertainment including a jumping castle and cricket games on the night as well as raffles with big prizes we encourage everyone to stick around after Milo is finished to enjoy the festivities.

For just $85 a season you enjoy 8 sessions a year which run Saturdays in October to December a with all of the above included as well as receiving an In’2’cricket pack which includes Backpack, Bat, Ball, Sunhat, Shirt, Milo Satchel & Cricket Australia fixtures and offers.

There may also be opportunities to participate in Milo Cricket During breaks at International, Domestic or Local Cricket throughout the summer.

So get practising with the kids because you never know when our coaches might call you in to participate with your kids.

So in a recap

When: Saturday Mornings from Saturday 28th of October to Saturday 16th of December

Cost: $85


  • ·         In’2’Cricket Pack with Bag, Bat , Ball, Hat, Shirt and More
  • ·         All Equipment Provided
  • ·         8 Sessions a year
  • ·         Parent Participation
  • ·         Accredited Coaches
  • ·         Cricket Skills Training
  • ·         Fun Activities
  • ·         Milo In’2’Cricket at the Beach (Weather Permitting)
  • ·         Milo Cricket at the Christmas Party

Where: Mt Eliza Cricket Club, Wooralla Drive Mt Eliza.

Registration & Payment: Must be made online here: Milo Cricket Mt Eliza Sign Up 

T20 Blast

This exciting new program is aimed at Boys and Girls aged 7-12. Now that you have learnt skills from Milo In’2’Cricket you can play in the T20 Blast Cricket Games.

What is T20 Blast? T20 Blast is a scaled down version of cricket matches for kids ages 7-10. Held on Wednesday Nights there is 16 overs per team which lasts about 75 minutes (Games Start between 5-5.30). Games are played on grass using a soft ball which means you can play it on any oval and the boundary’s are only 20-30m long which means you can have up to 4 games going at once per oval! There are 8 players per team with every player getting to Bat for 4 overs (regardless of how many times you go out), Every player gets to bowl for 2 overs.

Because games are played with a soft ball there is no need to go out and purchase cricket equipment and bats, balls, stumps and cones are supplied. Also the whole program is run by Cricket Victoria so all each team needs is 1 parent/guardian to look after the team and Cricket Victoria do the rest, No need to organize Equipment, Umpires, Scorers or Drinks.

There will be a T20 like atmosphere with music playing throughout the matches.

You also receive a T20 Blast Pack which means you get a T20 Blast Playing Shirt, Cap, Bag, Milo Sachet, KFC Big Bash Stickers and other items.

Best of all not only do you get everything we have mentioned above you also get to continue to participate in Milo In’2Cricket in which you will be trained in specific skills by our In’2’Cricket Coaches for the T20 Blast Program (Please note the Milo In’2Cricket Pack is NOT included in the price of T20 Blast if you wish you may purchase the extra pack for $85).

There may also be opportunities to attend KFC Big Bash Matches and meet some players.

The T20 Blast program has 8 Sessions and Starts Wednesdays in October (Dates TBC) runs until mid December.

The Price for all this action is just $99 which Includes:

T20 Blast

  • ·         T20 Blast Pack with Bag, Playing Shirt, Cap and more
  • ·         8 x T20 Blast Sessions
  • ·         16 Over per side games each Session
  • ·         Every Player Bats for 4 Overs and Bowls 2 Overs regardless of how often you go out
  • ·         Accredited Cricket Victoria Staff to run the program
  • ·         All Equipment provided and;

Milo In’2’Cricket

  • ·         8 Milo Cricket Sessions
  • ·         All Equipment Provided
  • ·         Parent Participation
  • ·         Accredited Coaches
  • ·         Training in Cricket Skills
  • ·         Fun Activities
  • ·         2 x Milo In’2’Cricket at the Beach (Weather Permitting)
  • ·         Milo Cricket at the Christmas Party

Venues for T20 Blast may change from week to week but will remain close to the Mt Eliza area.

When: 8 Sessions on Wednesday Nights which start between 5-5.30 for 75 minutes starting around November.

Where: Mt Eliza Cricket Club, Wooralla Drive Mt Eliza.

Cost: $99 IncludesT20 Blast, Milo In’2Cricket & T20 Blast Pack but not In’2Cricket Pack.

Registration: Must be made online here:  T20 Blast Mt Eliza Sign Up


If you have any Questions please email contact Jackie Ord at or call 0422264322